The Houston Stick Fighting Association ("HSFA") founded in 2006 is an association for like-minded  martial artists that engage in simulated combat to to test and improve their skills in the blade-based  and stick-based fighting arts. Membership in HSFA is open to martial artists of all styles, all systems, of all ages, from beginner to  advanced levels. HSFA is governed by a set of Principles and Bylaws that are posted on this website.  Affiliate  organizations and individual HSFA members are expected to read, understand and comply with the  Principles and Bylaws or they will not be able to participate in our organization. In the HSFA, members choose the rules and level of contact that they will participate in.  Matches are a  set time limit (usually 2 minutes) and the match will end when time has expired or when one of the  fighters submits.  Divisions include bladed weapons, impact weapons and unmatched weapons.   However, a participant may also fight without any weapon. Members of the HSFA are striving to develop and improve their skills through simulated combat to see  what works and what does not with a resisting opponent.  Along the way, we build friendships and  camaraderie with our sparring partners and share our respective arts with each other.
HSFA Membership   Membership in the Houston Stick Fighting Association is available for martial artists of all styles, all  systems, of all ages, from beginner to advanced levels.  All HSFA members must fill out a RELEASE FORM for each of our quarterly Gatherings.
“Elevate your Martial Arts Skills in a Combative Environment”                             STICK—KNIFE—BLADE
Shirts are available for purchase at Gatherings (All proceeds go toward equipment)